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K-State Salina

Reserve Your Individual Campus Tour

Personalized campus visit It’s fun, it’s free and it’s 100 percent you. We’ll help you create a customized schedule based on the questions you have and interests you want to explore.

Here are some of the possibilities for your experience:

  • Take a walking tour of campus and visit one of our residence halls, the Student Life Center, classrooms and more.
  • Meet with an admissions representative to have your questions answered and learn to more about the application process.
  • Meet with an academic advisor and professors in your major of interest. If you’re still deciding on a major, you can connect with several different departments and explore your options.
  • Discuss funding options with a financial assistance representative.
  • Learn about all of the student clubs and organizations you can be involved in while meeting other K-State students.
  • Explore more on your own. Check out K-State Salina’s campus atmosphere to see if it’s the right fit for you.

Schedule your visit