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Current Fellow

Weston Thompson
Professional Pilot '04 | Aviation Maintenance '06

WestonFor Scott City, Kan. native Weston Thompson, life has come full circle. Not only is he living and working back in the town he grew up in, but also a big part of his career mirrors his grandfather’s, the very man that started his love for planes.

At 32 years old, Weston is the owner of Scott City Aviation, but don’t count on him sitting behind a desk all day long. He is also a pilot, instructor and mechanic as well as an advisor for the Spencer Flight and Education Center. During the summer, Weston also participates in Scott City’s Aviation Field Day where he works with hundreds of children to build paper and model airplanes and fly simulators, and then he takes them up for a ride in an actual plane.

Though his aviation career began to take shape at K-State Salina, Weston credits his grandpa, an airplane mechanic in World War II, as first introducing him to aircraft. As a Wildcat, Weston received two Bachelors of Science in aeronautical technology - one in professional pilot in 2004 and in aviation maintenance in 2006.

As an intern and then later after graduation, Weston flew for the Western Kansas Weather Modification Program in Lakin, Kan. seeding clouds with a special agent that helps suppress hail during thunderstorms and increase rainfall. Weston traveled to several countries as a pilot and mechanic for Dynamic Aviation in Bridgewater, Va. One of his favorite missions was a geo-physical survey over the Canadian tundra, flying only 200 feet above ground looking for gold, oil and diamond deposits during the first phase of mining exploration. When Weston was ready to return home, he got the opportunity to manage Scott City Aviation before purchasing the business with a partner.

Weston was nominated as K-State Salina’s Alumni Fellow by a faculty member that had Weston in several of his classes when he was a student. During the fellow celebration, Weston returned to his old classes and connected with current students, helping to give them insight into his experiences, challenges and triumphs while in the “real world.” Also during the celebration, Weston was a featured panelist during a campus-wide discussion on “The Future of Aviation” and was honored with all of the fellows during a dinner with President Schulz in Manhattan.

K-State Salina is proud of all of Weston’s accomplishments and in the few years it’s been since he graduated, Weston has proven his work ethic, eagerness to expand his knowledge and passion for aviation. It was an honor to have him back on campus and there was no question Weston enjoyed the Alumni Fellow experience after he said: “I can’t believe the three days are over. I’ve had such a good time, I really don’t want to leave.”


*If you’re a K-State Salina faculty member, you can nominate the next Alumni Fellow.

Please get in contact with Julee Cobb at 785-826-2642 or julee@k-state.edu.