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Avionics has always been a sought after career opportunity. K-State at Salina, gives students the opportunities to obtain avionics experience with glass cockpits whether they are aviation maintenance students or avionics students. Students attending the maintenance program can add an avionics certificate. Students wanting to enter the avionics program have the ability to concentrate their career goals towards a specific area of avionics. Avionics careers include; bench repair, line troubleshooting, installation, and maintainers. The students’ advisor will assist the student in attaining their goals; encouraging the student to apply for industry training, scholarships, and summer internships.  Avionics students have the ability to attain their industry accepted NCATT AET certificate and their FCC.

Graduates from K-State at Salina enter careers at major airlines, national and international carriers, regional airlines, and corporate and general aviation operators. Students have been able to obtain positions after graduation with companies such as Hawker Beech, Cessna, Duncan Aviation, and Yingling Aviation, just to name a few.