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Avionics Systems and Management

Aviation is an exciting, adventurous and lucrative industry, but only if all the systems and parts are working in harmony. In modern aircraft, electronic flight instruments and radios are a key part of those systems. Aircraft must routinely operate in a busy, complex airspace in the skies above, and without aviation electronics, or avionics, safe flight in this system simply wouldn’t be possible.

K-State Salina’s avionics systems and management program provides students a comprehensive curriculum that not only includes analysis but application in communications, navigation, electronics, technology, mechanics and a variety of systems. The program focuses on the basic fundamentals of AC, DC, digital and solid state avionic electronics as well as the management of a multitude of systems that perform individual functions on aircraft. Classes take place in a laboratory setting with industry-relevant tools and equipment and accomplished faculty at the helm.

The avionics systems and management program produces students who can calibrate, test, troubleshoot and repair instruments in the aviation industry. Careers can include component repair and overhaul, line maintenance, design and integration, installation of new avionics and senior management positions. 


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Cost sheet (pdf)

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