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Industry information

The FCC does not offer an avionics technicians license but it does offer a General Radiotelephone Operator License that the aviation industry recognizes as an avionics license.  K-State at Salina offers students the opportunity to achieve their FCC License, making them more valuable to future employees.

The NCATT (National Center for Aerospace & Transportation Technologies) and their partners have been establishing standards that lead to certifications recognized by the industry.  One of these certifications includes the AET (Aircraft Electronic Technician) certificate. This certificate is an avionics certificate that is rapidly being accepted by the industry.  The basic certificate covers basic electronics and safety issues and allows avionics techs to add endorsements that cover specific aircraft avionics areas; navigation, communication, autopilot, flight management systems. K-State at Salina avionics faculty is very active in the NCATT organization and frequently participates in workshops that develop future endorsements. This allows are students the ability to stay current on what industry is looking for.

The Aircraft Electronics Association (AEA) represents over 1300 business and offers training through their regional meetings and conferences. K-State at Salina has been a longtime member of AEA and the avionics faculty encourages students to attend the training sessions and network with industry.