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Helicopter Training

K-State Salina has a unique partnership with industry leader Universal Helicopters to offer students a diverse educational experience both in the classroom and the cockpit. The K-State Salina helicopter program enables you to complete Federal Aviation Administration, or FAA, helicopter pilot certificates as well as a bachelor’s degree. Veterans can also use the GI Bill to pursue a career in helicopter aviation.

K-State Salina’s helicopter pilot program consists of flight training for each rating and ground instruction related to helicopter-specific maneuvers, all in preparation for the check ride, or final test. Training is in a safe and controlled environment that allows for any adjustments that are necessary to compensate for the student’s own progress.

K-State Salina’s partnership with Universal Helicopters yields the program access to two Robinson R22 Beta II’s and one Robinson Raven II. In order to ensure your flight training is safe, productive and enjoyable, students will also mandatorily learn FAA regulations and operating rules and safety policies, practices and procedures specified by the university and UHI.


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Program Resources:

Flight costs (pdf)

Student pilot checklist (pdf)