Frequently Asked Questions

My mom called in to find out if I owed anything on my account and you said you couldn't release information to her. Why can't you release my information to her?

To protect the student's rights to privacy and to conform with federal law, the University has an established policy for handling students' records. A FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) form needs to be on file from the student giving permission to somebody of their choice to obtain information regarding their account.

I need to deposit money into my flight account and don't get out of class until 4:30, why can't you post my payment then?

Payments must be received in the Cashiers office before 3:30 PM daily. It is necessary for the cashier's window to close daily at 3:30 PM in order to complete the balancing process. Manhattan has placed this requirement in order to ensure all balancing is completed for shut down of the CashNet System. The drop slot is available for flight payments and will be posted at the beginning of the next business day.

My account has a "service indicator". What do I do?

Check with the Registrar's office to see what type of hold you have. They will direct you to the department who has the hold placed on your account. If the hold is related to an unpaid balance due, you will be requested to pay the balance.

Is there a payment plan?

Payment Plan 
(enroll online in the 'Pay Now/eBill/Sign Up' section) 

Why can't I view my Flight account balance online?

The software used by the Aviation Department to monitor student flight accounts is a privately licensed product and as such, can't be accessed via the internet.

What is the "Fee" portion of "Tuition and Fees" used for?

During the fall and spring semesters the first credit hour has a $59.83 fee attached to it and the 2nd through 12th credit hours each has a fee of $21.75 attached to it to support student programming. During the summer semester the first credit hour has a fee of $21.47 and the 2nd through 6th credit hour's fee of $17.17 attached. The amount below represents hor much of one credit hour privilege fee is given to each program. For more information regarding these programs, please contact our College Advancement Office at 785-826-2610.