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Flight Accounts

Flight accounts are separate from KSIS student accounts. Students must keep a credit balance in their flight accounts at all times.

For questions about flight accounts, contact the Office of Fiscal Services. 

Checking the Balance

Flight accounts are separate from KSIS and are not available online. Students can call the Cashiers Office for their balances.

Payment Options

Flight account payments may be made in the same ways student accounts payments can (more information is available here.) However, since flight accounts are separate from KSIS, it must be noted that the payment is for flight.

  • If paying in person, tell the cashier it is for flight.
  • If paying by check, note "flight account" in the memo line.
  • If paying online, select "Salina Flight Account" instead of "Tuition & Fees."


Refund checks are issued only when a student closes a flight account. The form to do this is available to pick up in the Cashiers Office.