Flight Accounts

Deposit Funds using your Credit Card

To offer convenient payment options for its students, Kansas State University has contracted with Informed Decisions Corp. to provide a service for the acceptance of credit cards via the web and telephone for tuition and fees. There is a service charge for the convenience of making payments using this method. To pay with American Express, Discover or Mastercard log onto your student account at https://isis.k-state.edu

Using your eID sign on the iSIS system and select the option to pay on your account. To direct your payment to your flight account when making the payment select the option "Salina Flight Fees."

Deposit Funds using ACH Payment (e-check)

Using your eID sign in to your student account on the iSIS system at https://isis.k-state.edu. The university does not charge a fee for ACH payments made at it's website.

Questions about your Account

For questions regarding Flight Accounts, please contact Kimm Sanchez at 785-826-2690. If she is unavailable, please contact Alyson Rome at 785-826-2613.