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K-State Salina


Alyson Rome
Director of Fiscal Services
Phone: 785-826-2613
Email: alyson@k-state.edu

Stephanie McDowell
Assistant Director of Fiscal Services
Phone: 785-826-2614
Email: smcdowell@k-state.edu


Monica Curnutt
Accounting, Post-Award Accounting, & Purchasing
Phone: 785-826-2962
Email: mjcurnut@k-state.edu

Kimm Sanchez
Total FBO & Student Flight Accounts
Phone: 785-826-2690
Email: kimms@k-state.edu


Tammy Arnold
Cashier, Student Accounts & Parking
Phone: 785-826-2918
Email: tammya@k-state.edu

Human Resources

Marlene Walker
Human Resources & Payroll
Phone: 785-826-2611
Email: walkerm@k-state.edu

Denise Werth
Human Resources & Benefits
Phone: 785-826-2612
Email: dwerth@k-state.edu