Parking Appeals



Please read these procedures thoroughly. Expired parking meter violations may not be appealed. Any questions about the appeals procedure should be directed to KSU-Salina Parking Services (Room 209, College Center).

According to the Kansas State University Salina Regulations Governing Traffic and Parking, Section VI, F, an appeals process has been established for individuals to follow when contesting a citation. PCAB members receive appeals regularly to review and judge.

Decisions are based on two questions:

1)    Was a parking rule or regulation violated?

2)    Were there extenuating circumstances causing the violation?

The PCAB is only judging if the citation was warranted, NOT the fairness of the rules and regulations. Following the decision, the appeal is returned to Parking Services for notification to the appellant.

If the citation is dismissed, it will be voided. If the citation is upheld, the appellant must pay the citation within fourteen (14) calendar days of the date of the decision. If not paid within the specified time, a $5.00 delinquency fee will be assessed to the citation.

KSU-Salina Parking Services may record the issuance of certain citations on videotape and/or photographs. If these items are available for an appealed citation, copies will be forwarded to the PCAB at the request of the judges. All actions of the PCAB are final. Paid citations may NOT be appealed.

To expedite the appeals process, individuals are required to:

1)    File an appeal within fourteen (14) calendar days of the date of the citation. Completed appeals must be returned to KSU-Salina Parking Services. Late appeals will NOT be accepted.

2)    Complete the attached form as per the instructions on the form.

3)    Attach the citation to the appeals form, along with any documents supporting your appeal (receipts, diagrams, photos, etc.) and include your e-mail address on the back of the form.

4)    When the appeal returns from the PCAB, appellant will be notified of the results by the e-mail address provided by appellant.


(Approved April 3, 2014)