Family Studies and Human Services degree

The K-State School of Family Studies & Human Services (FSHS) offers its bachelor's degree program in the K-State Salina campus. The program focuses on the processes underlying human development in a family context accross the life cycle. Students learn to implement and assess programs and services designed to strengthen and enhance individual and family well-being. 

Students enrolled in the School of Family Studies & Human Services will select an area of concentration or students may select the internship option with approval by supervising faculty. 

This undergraduate degree program provides students with a strong foundation of coursework in human development and family studies. Courses allow students to examine issues such as:

  • Processes underlying human development accross the life cycle
  • Factors that enhance, support and/or impede the development of healthy interpersonal relationships
  • The interactions among the individual, the family, and the larger culture/society
  • Identifying and applying best practices when working directly with individuals and families

The program is recognized and an approved program by the National Council on Family Relations for the Certified Family Life Educator designation. 

2+2 Agreements

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2+2 Agreements


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Program Resources:

Study Guide (pdf)

2+2 Agreements (pdf)