Setting up your office computer (Windows)

In order to connect to your office computer from home, you will need to configure your office computer to allow Remote Desktop connections. Windows Vista and Windows 7 can be quickly and easily configured to allow Remote Desktop access using the Windows RDP Enabler. Simply download and run the Windows RDP Enabler on your work computer.

RDP Enabler

NOTE: If you are already using Remote Desktop and have modified the firewall configuration on your work computer, the RDP Enabler will change your settings to prevent Remote Desktop access from computers not connected through the VPN. If you wish to manually enable RDP, see the additional instructions below for Windows Vista/7.

The following instructions are ONLY for users who cannot use the Remote Desktop Enabler:

Manual Configuration - Windows Vista / Windows 7

  1. Click on the Start icon in the taskbar. Right-click on Computer and select Properties
    Win7 System Properties

  2. Click on the Remote Settings link in the left pane.
    Windows7 Remote Settings

  3. Select "Allow connections from computers running any version of Remote Desktop" and click OK. Click OK to close any remaining windows.
    Windows7 Allow Connections

  4. Click on the Start icon again. Type firewall in the search bar and click on Windows Firewall with Advanced Security.
    Windows7 Open Firewall

  5. Click on Inbound Rules in the left pane. Scroll down to Remote Desktop (TCP-In). Right-click it and select Properties.
    Windows7 firewall advanced RDP properties

  6. While on the General tab, select Enabled and Allow the connection.
    Windows7 firewall - enable RDP

  7. Click on the Scope tab. In the Remote IP address section, select These IP addresses:. Click Add, type in and click OK.
    If you need to allow access to Remote Desktop from other IP Addresses, you may also enter them here.
    Click OK to close any remaining windows.
    Windows7 firewall RDP scope