Wireless Networking

K-State Salina offers wireless connections for K-State students, faculty, staff and guests.  Read the Wireless Local Area Network Policy governing wireless computing at K-State.

Guest Access

Campus visitors can use the guest network, which has no security and does not require an eID/password. The guest network is restricted to basic web-browsing protocols and does not have access to K-State enterprise systems such as K-State Online, WebMail, iSIS, HRIS, and FIS.

Student / Staff / Faculty Access

K-State Salina offers secure wireless connections for students, faculty and staff using WPA2 Enterprise encryption.  Please note that Salina's WPA wireless (k-state.wpa2) is not the same as the "KSU Wireless" network used on the Manhattan campus. In order to connect using WPA2 on the Salina network you will need:

  • A wireless client/supplicant that supports WPA2 and EAP-TTLS
  • An active K-State eID and eID password

If you are using wireless client software that supports WPA2 with EAP-TTLS (eg. Linux, MacOS X, Windows 8), simply refer to the summarized WPA settings table below.

WPA Settings
Network name/SSIDk-state.wpa2
Network AuthenticationWPA2 or WPA2-Enterprise
Data Encryption (if specified)AES
EAP method/typeTTLS (or SecureW2 EAP-TTLS if using the SecureW2 add-on)
Outer Identityanonymous
Inner EAP methodPAP
Validate server certificateyes
Server certificate / Trusted Root CAInCommon SSL CA-bundle (DER) 
Server certificate / Trusted Root CAInCommon SSL CA-bundle (CER) 

Other operating systems/clients which don't support WPA2 with EAP-TTLS out-of-the-box can also be configured to connect to the WPA network. For configuration details please refer to the appropriate link below:

Wireless Locations on the Salina Campus

Salina Campus Locations:

  • Aero Center
  • Aviation Maintenance Hangar
  • Aero SBE (Building 820)
  • Aero Composites Lab
  • College Center
  • Facilities Building
  • Harbin Hall
  • Residence Hall
  • Library
  • Technology Assistance Center
  • Technology Center East
  • Technology Center West
  • Tullis
  • UAS Laboratory
  • Student Activity Center
  • Student Life Center
  • Science Center

Wireless is also available at various locations on the Manhattan campus.