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K-State Salina

How to configure WPA2 on the iPod/iPad/iPhone

Configuring your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to use K-State Salina's secure wireless network is easy:

  1. Connect to the internet using another network (eg. the guest wireless network)
  2. Visit this web-page using the Safari web-browser with your iPhone, iPad or iPod.
  3. Click to install the WPA2 mobileconfig [1]
  4. Tap the Install button. The profile is unsigned, but it is from K-State Salina.
  5. Enter your K-State eID as your username
  6. Enter your eID password.
  7. Tap Done.
  8. For best results, we recommend setting Wi-Fi to Off and then back to On again (from the Settings > Wi-Fi screen).
  9. Select k-state.wpa2 from the list of wireless networks.

Note: If you change your eID password, you will need to remove and re-install the WPA profile. Instructions for removing the profile are listed below.

If you are having trouble reaching this web-page with your iPhone/iPad/iPod you can also download the WPA2 configuration profile on a computer and e-mail it to yourself as an attachment. Simply open the attachment on your device to install the profile.

Removing / Reinstalling the WPA2 profile

If you are having trouble getting your device to connect to the WPA2 network, or if you've recently changed your eID password and your device no longer connects to the WPA2 network it is usually best to remove and then re-install the WPA2 wireless profile. The steps below explain how to remove the profile:

  1. Select Settings from the Home Screen.
  2. In the left pane, scroll down to General and select Profile: KSU-S WPA2 wireless . . . from the bottom of the right pane.
  3. Click the Remove button. When prompted, click Remove to confirm removal of the profile.
  4. You can re-install the profile by following the steps listed above under "How to configure WPA2 on the Apple iPhone/iPad/iPod".

[1] Newer Apple devices do not allow you to configure the necessary settings to connect to the WPA network.  Instead, you must download a ".mobileconfig" file which contains the necessary settings for the network you wish to connect to.