How to configure WPA2 on Mac OS X

  1. Open System Preferences and click on Network.

  2. Select Airport in the left pane. If "Status: off" is displayed, click Turn AirPort On. Click Advanced.

  3. Click on the 802.1x tab (see image below).
    • Click the + in the bottom left corner of the window to create a new AirPort profile. Give the profile a meaningful name (eg. k-state.wpa2).
    • Enter your eID and eID password.
    • For Wireless Network, select k-state.wpa2.
    • For Security Type, select WPA2 Enterprise.
    • In the Authentication box uncheck everything except TTLS, and with TTLS highlighted, click Configure...

  4. For TTLS Inner Authentication, select PAP from the list. Leave Outer Identity blank and click OK.

  5. Click OK again to return to the "Internet Connect" window.

  6. Click Connect

  7. The first time you connect to the k-state.wpa2 network, you will be asked to accept a certificate issued by ipsCA. Click Continue.