How to configure WPA2 on Windows 7

In order to connect to K-State Salina's secure wireless network with a Windows operating system you will need to install the SecureW2 supplicant. To do so:

  1. Download and run one of the SecureW2 Installers listed below (eID and password required):

  2. Use the default options listed on the installation screens.

  3. After installation finishes you may need to restart your computer.

Manually configuring Windows 7's wireless client

NOTE: These steps show how to use the SecureW2 client with the default Windows 7 wireless services. If you are using another Wireless control utility please consult your documentation as these steps may 'break' connections you have set up through that utility.

  1. Open the Network Connections window:

    Start > Control Panel > Network & Internet > Network & Sharing Center


    Start > Control Panel > Network & Sharing Center

  2. Click on Manage wireless networks  (then select Properties if you see that option)
    Windows 7 - Manage wireless networks

  3. Then click Add
    Windows 7 - Add Wireless Network

  4. Select "Manually create a network profile"
    Windows 7 - Manually Create Wireless Profile

  5. Next fill out and change fields as follows and click Next
    Windows 7 - Manual Settings for k-state.wpa2

  6. In the next window click  "Change connection settings"
    Windows 7 - Change connection settings

  7. In the "k-state.wpa2 Wireless Network Properties" window select the Security tab.
  8. Under "Choose a network authentication method:" select SecureW2: Secure W2EAP-TTLS
  9. Then click Settings
    Windows 7 - Wireless Security tab

  10. In the SecureW2 client window select "k-state.wpa" in the "Profile:" and then click OK
    Windows 7 - SecureW2 Profile Selection

  11. Back at the k-state.wpa2 Wireless Network Properties window, click OK to save the settings
  12. Click on the network icon in your taskbar.
  13. Select the k-state.wpa2 network and click Connect
    Windows 7 - Connect to Wireless Network

  14. Enter your eID and eID Password.
  15. Click OK
    Windows 7 - SecureW2 Credential Entry