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K-State Salina

Dr. Judith Collins


Associate Professor of Language Arts

Contact Information

Courses Taught

  • Technical Writing
  • Business and Professional Public Speaking
  • Human Discourse

Areas of Specialization/Research

  • Rhetoric
  • Composition-Linguistics
  • Writing
  • Poetry

Short Biography

Dr. Judith Collins is inspired by classical rhetoric, especially invention, to help students connect with their fields of study through writing. Her scholarship concerns the role of communication in shaping professional communities and identities as well as the practice of information literacy in the age of misinformation. She has taught at K-State Salina since 2001 and is a member of the Graduate Faculty committee.

Collins holds a Ph.D. in English: Rhetoric/Composition-Linguistics from Arizona State University and an  M.A. in English: Writing Concentration in Poetry and a B.A. in English: Writing Concentration in Poetry, both from Western Washington University.

She is involved in the Association of Teachers of Technical Writing and the Kansas Association of Teachers of English. She has also been a member of the American Society for Engineering Educators, Faculty Senate, and the College Advisory and Planning Committee.

She is the president of Smoky Hills Audubon Society, for which she has also served as treasurer.