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Security - Keeping K-State Salina Safe

Crime statistics compiled annually by the K-State Salina Office of Student Life show K-State Salina is among the safest universities in the Big 12. K-State Salina is safe because faculty, students, and staff approach campus safety as a shared responsibility.

The campus community has adopted the Small Community Approach, which state the type of welcoming, safe, and inclusive community K-State Salina strives to be. Together we make K-State Salina what it is: a safe, supportive, and caring community where the well-being of each of us is the responsibility of all of us.

Resources and Safety Tips

Follow these tips to protect yourself and others and to maintain the campus environment that makes K-State Salina special. 

Multiple Campus Notification Systems

Emergency notification methods include telephone voice messages and texts, e-mail, notices on K-State Salina's website, and notices to radio and television news media. Anyone with a K-State eID can sign up for emergency text and voice messaging through K-State Alerts.

The K-State Salina Police and Security Staff

Four noncommissioned security officers cover the campus 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Contact them at 785-826-2909 to report community member behaviors that are of concern.

K-State Salina Police and Security should be called whenever there is an emergency, or when there is any activity that could cause concern to the safety and security of the campus community.

Emergency phones

Look for these blue emergency phones in multiple locations across campus. The blue emergency phone dial directly to emergency 911 dispatchers and are to be used only for emergencies.

Residence Halls Security

A card swipe process is used in the residence halls, only residents of each hall have access to locked doors. 

Security Escorts

Security escorts are available to provide escorts around campus, to and from classes and from offices to parking areas. For escort service call the K-State Salina Security Office at 785-826-2909.

Vehicle Assistance

K-State Salina Police and Security Officers are available to assist with vehicle problems such as flat tires and dead batteries. If you are having vehicle problems contact the security office.

Safety concerns should always be reported. Here’s where to start:

  • Contact the K-State Salina Police and Security at 785-826-2909, or 911 in the case of an emergency. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the speed limit on Campus?

  • The posted speed limit on campus is 20 MPH on most streets and 15 MPH in the parking lots.  Other limits are posted.

What do I do if issued a ticket?

  • If you are issued a parking ticket the amount of the fine is on the citation there are also instructions on the citation and on the envelope that the parking citation was placed into.
  • If you wish to appeal the citation go to the business office for assistance.
  • If you are issues a citation for a traffic offense the officer will provide you with instructions on court date or the date that you have to pay the fine and court cost by if you decide to pay the fine.

What can I do to assist with campus security?

  • You can assist campus security by being alert to your surroundings, notifying security to anything that seems out of place or suspicious.