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K-State Salina Student Life

Sure you'll learn tons of amazing things in the classrooms at K-State Salina, but you will learn even more from the people you meet and the experiences you have with student activities, organizations, and residence life. 

Take advantage of what K-State Salina has to offer

The Salina campus offers many different types of resources that students can benefit from. Enjoy these K-State amenities free of charge!

  • Basketball court

  • Indoor running track

  • Cardiovascular area

  • Student lounge

  • Free weights

  • Pool table

  • Air hockey table

  • Ping pong table

  • Racquetball/handball court

  • Gaming systems

  • Greek life

  • Club sports

  • Student government

  •  Academic clubs

  • Competition clubs

  • Intramurals

  • Peer tutoring

  • Financial aid advising

  • Technology support

  • Media equipment checkout

  • Counseling

  • Disability support

  • Research assistance

  • Career advising

  • Fitness Classes

  • Academic services

At K-State Salina there are endless opportunities to build friendships, strengthen leadership skills, network with industry leaders, and get active in student organizations.