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Career Information Websites

Review links below for information about job search strategies.


  • Evaluate career options with data on hundreds of careers.

Job Seeker Toolkit

  • Materials and information to get a leg up in your job search. Created by Optimal Resume


  • The U.S. Department of Labor has compiled detailed descriptions of various jobs/ careers, industries, growing fields of work, and average salaries for jobs nationwide and by state.

Career Journal

  • From the Wall Street Journal - Excellent resources!

Wet Feet

  • Access Going Global and Current Jobs for Graduates from the Resource Library of yourCES account.

  • Wet Feet offers a compilation of career advice including preparation tips for certain types of interviews, online information sessions, and a basic overview of employers.

Occupational Outlook Quarterly

  • Articles about unique and growing industries with occupational profiles as well as Career Guide to Industries.

What Color is Your Parachute

  • The guru of the job search. Identifies best sites for jobs, research and posting.

College Grad Job Hunter

  • Articles for resumes, interview, negotiation.

The Riley Guide

  • Highly recommended for job listing, salary surveys, research, search tips, resume and internet. Includes executive job search help.


  • Excellent articles on resumes, vitae, career guide, hidden market and salary.


  • Comprehensive site of job search engines.