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Peer Financial Counseling

Peer financial counseling provides free information and education for current students who are seeking assistance with:

  • Developing a Personal Budget
  • Understanding Student Loans
  • Managing Credit Cards
  • Creating a savings plan
  • Accessing Money Management Tools & Resources

Students at K-State Salina studying to become financial planning professionals serve as peer financial counselors for the program, assisting fellow students with their money questions.

The goal is to provide helpful tools and information to support students' financial goals as they work towards accomplishing their academic goals.

To schedule a peer financial counseling session:

  • Visit: http://ksu.mywconline.com
  • Follow the registration link
  • Enter all required registration information. Note: you MUST use your @ksu email address instead of your @k-state.edu email address.
  • Click register
  • Your window will be redirect to the Log-in page. Please enter your @KSU email address & password.
  • You will need to choose the designated program from a list of three: Peer Tutoring, Writing Center, or Peer Financial Counseling. Select the appropriate schedule. (Note: Peer Tutoring and the Writing Center are additional peer mentor services available to students.)
  • Assign yourself to an appointment time by clicking in an available white box.
  • Enter all required information, then click "Save".

If you have trouble registering or need additional help, please contact:

Academic Advising Center: 785-826-2674