Writing Center

Tutoring for writing projects is available in the K-State Salina Writing Center in Room 102 of the Technology Center. The Writing Center promotes Kansas State University's Principles of Community and Student Learning Outcomes by providing an inclusive environment which nurtures independent writing skills, emphasizes writing process and encourages individual progress. Tutors will assist with global writing goals as well as style and delivery customized for individual assignments. Provide assignment guidelines, applicable research sources, and assessment rubrics for determining focus and purpose, development, and organization.


The Salina campus community now has access to grammarly.com/edu, which provides language mechanics and style analysis for writing and editing. We recommend that all Salina students sign up for individual accounts, and use this tool to review and revise written work before submission for grading.

If you have trouble registering or need additional help, please contact:

Kaleen Knopp, Writing Center Director - kknopp@k-state.edu

Taryn Gilbert-Howard, Writing Center Assistant Director - tgilberthoward@ksu.edu



Suggestions or Feedback:

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The Writing Center

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