Digital Media Technology

Digital Media Technology Bachelor's Degree

A fusion of technology and art, blending courses in graphic design, web design, programming, photography, motion graphics, video production and animation.

Digital media provides an emphasis in design with an essential knowledge in coding. You'll learn coding for web design and technical web and programming skills coupled with studio and client design experience – skills essential for employers and preparing you for in-demand careers in creative fields.

14:1 Student-to-faculty ratio
Hands-on-learning from day one
97% Placement rate


Why our program?

Our digital media program provides you with project-based learning in a studio atmosphere. Options in digital media are numerous, and the program can be tailored to your specific interest – web design, video and animation, user experience design, graphic design and more. In your senior capstone project, you'll work with an actual industry client to assist with a marketing need and develop any and all required assets – putting your skills to the test and developing your portfolio!


Program Details

Learn design and technical skills in a hands-on atmosphere, from multiple faculty members, instead of solely through textbooks and presentations. In addition to a unique studio atmosphere, you'll have the ability to work and learn in a designated iMac lab space with professional video equipment, DSLR cameras, lighting and audio equipment and more. You'll also hone skills on industry-standard software, including the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite and more – ensuring you're ready to impress your future employers.

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