Fly K-State Academy

Fly K-State Academy

Do you dream of flying? Are you an aspiring pilot? The Kansas State Salina Flight Team is your host as you start your pilot training at Fly K-State Academy. Complete four missions designed to push your aviation skills to the limit! Learn how to take off and land, perform flight maneuvers, and take a cross-country flight using the tools of a professional pilot.

Program highlights include:

  • 3 hours of flight time
  • Experience in flight simulator
  • Ground school basics
  • Four missions

What to Expect

Participants will take part in an immersive four days on the K-State Salina campus as they participate in flight instruction and planning and complete 3 hours of flight time. Participants will learn the skills and knowledge to complete a flight plan and then put their expertise to the test in a culminating cross-country flight to Wichita with lunch at the renowned Stearman Field restaurant.

Fly K-State Academy will cover all aspects of flight planning and piloting a plane broken into four missions:

  • Mission #1 - pre-flight inspection, take-off and landing, traffic patterns (30 minutes of flight time)
  • Mission #2 - flight maneuvers (30 minutes of flight time)
  • Mission #3 - instrument flight (completed in flight simulators)
  • Mission #4 - cross-country flight (1.5 hours flight time)

Jump start your aviation career and fly K-State!


Registration Information

Registration FULL

Registration is limited to 12 participants.

Registration is FULL.

Dates: June 13-16, 2022

Times: Check-in is at 9:30 a.m. on June 13. Start and end times vary per day. See program schedule for exact program times.

Grade: Students entering 9-12th grade

Cost: $1400

Registration includes:

  • All program supplies and instruction
  • 3 hours of flight time and 1 hour of simulator time
  • All meals, snacks and lodging in K-State Salina residence halls
  • Transportation from activities
  • Logbook, E6B computer, plotter and Wichita sectional chart
  • K-State polo
  • Evening activity programming


Registration requirements:

  • Completed registration form, accessed through the register button
  • Payment of registration fee