Payment Process

Students have access to electronic billing and account information through the student center in KSIS.

Billing, Due Dates and Late Fees

Tuition and fees are due by 3 p.m. on the first day of class each semester. Subsequent charges or payment plan installments are due by 3 p.m. on the 15th of the month, or on the Friday before if the 15th falls on a weekend.

Charges listed as "Due Now" are due in the current billing cycle; "Future Due" charges are due in the next billing cycle.

Unless you are enrolled in the Tuition Installment Payment Plan (TIPP), overdue charges are assessed a 1.5% late fee and place an account hold that prevents dropping or adding classes, receiving a transcript or diploma, or enrolling for additional courses.

Students are encouraged to watch their campus emails for notifications of new bills, and to frequently check KSIS for transactions and balances due.

In the case of extenuating circumstances causing a late payment, students may fill out a Petition for Default Charge Waiver. A committee will evaluate the petition and decide whether to waive or uphold the default charge.




Flight Accounts

Students in flight programs are required to maintain a flight account. This is an account of money separate from KSIS from which flight charges are deducted.

For questions about flight accounts, contact Jan Hollander in the Aviation Building, 785-826-2680.

Using a Flight Account

Students must deposit money into their flight accounts and maintain a credit balance at all times. If there are insufficient funds, the student will not be allowed to dispatch for a flight. Once a student returns, the charges for the flight time and aircraft will be deducted from the flight account.


Checking the Balance

To check a flight account balance, students will need to log into their ETA account and click the green +/- symbol in the upper right corner.


Deposit Options

Flight account deposits may be made in the same ways as student account payments.

However, since flight accounts are separate from a student's regular KSIS account, you must make sure your payment is directed to flight. When paying, make sure to do the following:

  • If paying in person, tell the cashier it is for flight.
  • If paying by check, note "flight account" in the memo line.
  • If paying online, select "Salina Flight Account" instead of "Tuition & Fees."



When a student closes a flight account, any remaining balance will be applied to the student's KSIS charges and then refunded to the student. The form to close a flight account is available in the Cashier's locations in the Aviation Building and College Center 209.

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