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The Federal Aviation Administration has announced several changes related to uncrewed aircraft systems (UAS) operations that will go into effect in the coming months. These regulation changes are important for every new and existing UAS pilot to understand.

The updates to the federal regulations primarily cover remote identification of uncrewed aircraft, operations over people, operations at night, and requirements for recurrent training for remote pilots. The webinar’s primary focus will be on the immediate changes that will affect RPICs starting in March.

On March 10th, in accordance with a memorandum from the White House, the FAA published another delay to the upcoming Part 107 regulatory changes. This delay pushes the availability of the updated Initial Aeronautical Knowledge Test, and the new online Recurrent Training course, back to April 6th, 2021. Additionally, the effective date for the updates to 107.29 (Night Operations) and 107.39 (Operations Over People) has been delayed until April 21st, 2021. As a result, the effective dates mentioned in the webinar on February 25th are now void. Please review the correction announcement for more information.

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This was a free webinar and live question and answer session to discuss these important updates to the regulations and how they will impact UAS operations going forward. Registration is required to attend the free webinar.

This webinar was Thursday, Feb. 25
12-1 p.m. CST


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