Composite Technology

We are leading the way in composites training and education

Whether used to fix airplane parts or to build monuments, composites are a growing part of our everyday lives because of their strength, lightweight, corrosion resistance, design flexibility and durability. We aim to improve our world by providing a cleaner way to manufacture composites to enhance global capabilities in the above industries.

Providing world-class education

The knowledge and skills learned in composite courses are useful and integrate into many degree programs offered on campus. Currently, we serve learners in Mechanical Engineering Technology, Uncrewed Aircraft Systems Design and Integration, and Aviation Maintenance Management.

  • We provide an accredited Composite Repair Certificate, where learners would take four 3-credit hour courses.
  • Successful completion of the Composite Repair Certificate supports learners in gaining accreditation from the American Composites Manufacturers Association.


Student Projects

K-State Salina composites have completed numerous projects for a wide-variety of clients. Major projects include:

  • Junction City Main Street "JC" Statues: Student engineers as part of K-State Salina's Composites Club fabricated statues in the shape of a "JC," which are then designed into a mural by local artists. This has taught the students important skills of design work and collaborating with a client.
Composites students work on constructing a JC statue for a client Composites student rolls on adhesive during construction of JC statue process
One of the finished products of the JC statues that Composites students constructed One of the finished products of the JC statue project completed by composites students


State-of-the-art lab

Students involved with composites at K-State Salina are learning the latest in industry technology in a one-of-a-kind lab with the most up-to-date equipment. Techniques and equipment include:

K-State Salina composites equipment image Hot Bonder

This piece of equipment is used mainly for aircraft repairs and allows the mechanic to repair any damage without having to take the part off. Hot bonders provide vacuum pressure and heat, two factors needed to repair properly.

K-State Salina composites equipment image Filament Widener

This is a manufacturing method where a long continuous fiber is wound around a mandrel to produce a structure. Fishing poles and golf clubs are some items that use this manufacturing method.

K-State Salina composites equipment image Open Molds

The open mold process in the K-State Salina lab usually features laying fiberglass in a mold and adding the resin until the fiberglass is soaked. The mold will help keep the shape as the resin harders with the fibers. This process is where composite technicians start their learning adventure and will gain most of their experience.

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