Certified Inspector Training

Certified Inspector Training


Online classes and exams are listed below with their designated course period. The beginning date is when the updated class will open for registration each year with CanvasPro access immediately following. The end date is when the course and subsequent exam(s) need to be completed. For those classes with a performance exam tied to it there will be several in person classes offered each year.**

July 10 thru June 30

Basic Math Exam

Basic Lab Course

Paint, Misc. & Asphalt Sampling


Quarry Monitor

Superpave Field Recert Exam




October 1 thru Sept. 30

ACI Concrete Field**

Aggregate Field**

Aggregate Lab**

Construction Stormwater

Hardened Concrete Properties**

Nuclear Gauge**

QC/QA Asphalt Spec

Soils Field**



Dec. 1 thru Nov. 30

Drilled Shaft Inspection

Inspection Class

Pile Driving

QC/QA Concrete Spec CTB

Superpave Field Retake Exam

Traffic Control Inspection

Utilities Field


The proctor policy remains in place for all written exams that will be administered online and completed by the registrant at their location. While taking the exam, the registrant must have a proctor physically present (someone monitoring the exam that is not the test taker). Proctors must be registered and approved by the CIT program before exam day. Please review the Proctoring Policy (located under Course and Exam Days - Online) and subsequent consequences for violating the policy.


Kansas State University provides Certified Inspector Training courses to KDOT technicians, contractors, and consultants. The courses offer in-depth knowledge of specifications, testing procedures, and inspection techniques.

KDOT's Certified Inspector Training program has three primary objectives. They are to:

  • Provide skilled and knowledgeable personnel to sample and test materials and to inspect construction operations.
  • Promote uniformity and consistency in test and inspection activities.
  • Promote trust, open communication, and equality of qualifications.

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