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The 2021-2022 CIT season will open for registration on September 15, 2021. Dates and registration information are available on the Registration and Schedule page. Updates for the season are as follows:

  • All courses will be available online, on demand. Access to online courses is available upon registration. Courses with a performance component will also have limited in-person course options.
  • Written exams (including recertifications and quiz outs) will be administered online and may be completed by the student at their location with a supervisor proctor. Written exams are available on specific dates and require pre-registration. Details about the online written exam process are available on the Program Information page.
  • Certifications requiring a performance exam will have exams administered in-person in Salina, KS. Students completing an in-person course will be given their written and performance exam at the end of the course. Students completing an online course will come to Salina to complete their written and performance exam on a specific date, pre-registration is required. Students completing an online course and with an IA witness may complete the online exam at their location with a supervisor proctor.
  • Book material will only be provided digitally through the online course or in the confirmation email for quiz out and recertification exams. Students may download and print the book if desired.
  • Please review the Program Information page for full details on all policies.
  • If you have questions email the program office at profed@k-state.edu.


Kansas State University provides Certified Inspector Training courses to KDOT technicians, contractors, and consultants. The courses offer in-depth knowledge of specifications, testing procedures, and inspection techniques.

KDOT's Certified Inspector Training program has three primary objectives. They are to:

  • Provide skilled and knowledgeable personnel to sample and test materials and to inspect construction operations.
  • Promote uniformity and consistency in test and inspection activities.
  • Promote trust, open communication, and equality of qualifications.


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