Air Force ROTC Detachment 270 at K-State Salina

The K-State Salina Campus offers Air Force ROTC through the K-State Manhattan Campus. Cadets will have the opportunity to travel to Manhattan once a week to participate in Leadership Lab and Aero Classes while performing physical fitness at the K-State Salina Student Life Center. The two campuses work closely with AFROTC to provide unique opportunities such as flag details, volunteer opportunities and more.

Air Force ROTC Students in Student Life Center Image


Why our program?

Offered at more than 1,100 colleges and universities across the country, as well as on the K-State Salina campus; Air Force ROTC develops the leaders of tomorrow by preparing students to become officers in the U.S. Air Force while earning a college degree.

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More Information

More information about Air Force ROTC Detachment 270 can be found here. Send us an email and we will have someone contact you.