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College is an investment - we understand. You have the drive to succeed and goals to achieve, and your education is a vital step along the path. We're here to help.

K-State Salina Aerospace and Technology Campus is part of the Kansas State University system, providing an elite Big 12 education and ways to make it affordable, proved by the over $1 million in scholarships we’ve awarded in the last academic year to K-State Salina students.

Fall 2023 and Spring 2024 Rates

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Salina Campus Tuition and Fees


Aviation Programs (pdf)

Class Books & Materials (purchased on your own)

Most classes require books or other materials, such as flight uniforms, online subscriptions, etc. Students make these purchases on their own, so these items are not billed through KSIS. K-State Salina's Centennial Bookstore conveniently offers many of these materials; however, costs may vary because students are free to choose any retailer. Please refer to your classes' syllabi for information on these requirements.


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