Bachelor's in Aviation Management

Aviation Management Bachelor's Degree

This bachelor's degree focuses on industry and infrastructure development trends resulting from the unprecedented growth expected across all sectors of the aviation industry.

Want to be involved in the rewarding world of the aviation industry? K-State Salina’s Aviation Management degree is what you need to climb the ladder of success. With K-State Salina being one of the only universities in country located on an active airport, graduates with this degree will gain a unique advantage in the industry by having opportunities to learn from industry leaders and professionals.


Why our program?

Being employed at airports provide long, fulfilling careers. There will be significant workforce opportunities throughout the entire aviation industry ecosystem to meet wide-ranging domestic and globlal challenges. Students will learn vital STEM skills, business practices, politics, engineering and more. Graduates of the Bachelor’s in Aviation Management degree will be competitive early on in their careers.

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Learn From Industry Experts

In the Bachelor's in aviation management degree option, students will learn from instructors who have real-world, professional experience and success in the working for airports across the country. The instructors in this degree will provide unique perspectives that allow students an insight in to the busy world of operating an airport. Classes will integrate real-world airport challenges and present students with the opportunity to not only learn about proven techniques, but also test their theories in helping to solve industry challenges.

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Get a Head Start In Your Career

Predictions to the future of the aviation industry show robust potential for exponential growth and job creation. With the forecast of anticipated growth, the industry still faces the need of creating more jobs and workers to fill those jobs. The Bachelor's in aviation management degree focuses specifically on industry needs and will prepare students to fill an influx of jobs and quickly climb up the career ladder. This degree is flexible because it can be used towards broader aviation industry opportunities that aren't necessarily tied to only managing airports--this degree can also potentially be used to get in with Federal Aviation Administration or other aviation leadership options.

Program Details

This degree is flexible. Students have the option of learning in-person on the K-State Salina campus or online from the comforts of their own home. There are two paths available for students in this degree: students can learn for four-years OR transfer in up to two-years from an approved outside institution.

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