Uncrewed Aircraft Systems Flight and Operations

Uncrewed Aircraft Systems Flight and Operations Bachelor's Degree

Take to the skies and forge a new path as an uncrewed aircraft systems pilot.

As the uncrewed aircraft systems industry continues to break new ground, Kansas State University Salina Aerospace and Technology Campus is at the forefront of this revolution. We understand the importance of providing students with research opportunities, cutting edge technology and equipment, and an exclusive education. That’s why we built one of the largest enclosed UAS flight facilities in the nation and were awarded the country’s first approval to provide commercial flight training.

14:1 Student-faculty ratio
Hands-on learning from day one
97% Placement rate

Why our program?

To become a proficient, responsible and highly sought-after drone pilot, your flight training cannot occur online or come solely from a textbook. In our UAS program, students log flight hours by piloting a diverse fleet of uncrewed aircraft through our structured multirotor and fixed-wing training courses. After completion, students act as instructors in entry-level flight classes.


Program Details

This bachelor's degree option of study prepares students for careers in the field of uncrewed aircraft systems (UAS) or remotely piloted aircraft. This is a rapidly growing area of aviation and students will be prepared to safely deploy UAS vehicles in response to emerging challenges and opportunities. Coursework includes foundational courses in aviation flight and maintenance necessary for UAS operation and specific courses designed to enable commercially available payload to platform integration and to enable students to think critically in a rapidly developing technical field. Students will be prepared for technical and/or entry-level managerial positions and will be required to successfully defend a portfolio of accumulated learning prior to graduation.


My K-State Story

"The program really emphasizes the value of the student experience. The diverse UAS fleet provides the opportunity to gain experience and increase capabilities as a pilot. Students also have the opportunity to be an instructor in the program, gaining more experience to immediately make an impact in the industry." -Noah Endreshak, student

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