Master of Science in Aeronautics

Master of Science in Aeronautics

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This degree was developed specifically for individuals in engineering or technology career fields to continue their education beyond a Bachelor of Science degree and elevate their potential in the aerospace industry.

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Why our program?

The program has been designed by our industry advisory boards and a member of the Airworthiness Engineering Standards Committee who created the standards approved in 2022. With their input, the degree focuses on the current industry needs and equipping students with the tools required to define, research and solve emerging aerospace challenges. The program has two options of study - Aerospace Certification or Leadership and Policy.

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Aircraft Certification Student

Aerospace Certification

Designed specifically for those working or desiring to work in aerospace manufacturing and/or maintenance in the areas of product certification, airworthiness and continued airworthiness. Certification is the singular key to a safe national airspace system and understanding that process is critical to continued system safety. The National Airspace System (NAS) is highly regulated, and the FAA certifies nearly every aspect of the industry from personnel to materials, to processes prior to granting access to the NAS. There is a large and emerging talent need in this area as new technologies are developed; before they can be fielded, they must pass through a rigorous certification process. Recent examples include electrically powered aircraft, urban air mobility technology, and advanced materials; all of which require airworthiness certification prior to being allowed to fly.

Leadership and Policy Student

Leadership and Policy

This option is specifically designed for emerging aviation/aerospace industry leaders who plan to work in the areas of business management or policymaking in all sectors of aviation operations from air carriers to airports, legislative bodies, large corporations, as well as many other public and private functions. Graduates will be equipped to think critically about the current and future state of the industry and will be among the solution providers and innovators as we look to the future in an era of unique constraints and complex problems, but limitless opportunities for solutions.

Program Details

The Master of Science in aeronautics degree provides a flexible learning style for students who are also working professionals. Courses will be taught by professionals working in the industry and university faculty members.

The graduate degree has both a thesis and a non-thesis option. The thesis option for those interested in continuing to a Ph.D. program and the non-thesis option for those who are completing their studies at the master degree level.


Industry Feedback

A graduate from this program could lead into management roles. The certification option could also be a good path into FAA organizational work. This Master’s degree will have several functions for positions in airworthiness.


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